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Personal Profile

I have a great deal of intelligence and potential, which I felt was going to waste in my last position, which had ceased to offer me any real challenges or enjoyment. I am a quick learner, and feel I could quickly adapt to almost any role. I wish to take up a job which will offer me continued opportunities for learning, growth, and creativity.

Key Skills

Fast learner

I am a very quick study, and learn new tasks rapidly. I have a compulsive need to learn new things, and am able to aquire a large amount of knowledge in a short space of time, if exposed to enough information. I am capable of learning without instruction, and can read and comprehend written material very quickly.


I have a very good recall memory, especially for facts and data. I am observant, focused and highly adept at pattern recognition and problem solving. I have strong logical skills and a firm grasp of the scientific method.

Computer skills

Familiar with using Microsoft windows computers including some relatively advanced administration tasks, Familiar with the basic operation of Linux and Unix based machines, Capable in word processing and spread-sheeting software, comfortable with basically the entire Adobe product range. Able to solve common software glitches. Have used a wide variety of software. comfortable in a non-GUI environment.

Working in programming languages

As a hobby I have educated myself in the C, C++, Perl and Java programming languages, and written several small programs and applets.

Website development

I built my own website as an experiment. I am fluent in xhtml and CSS, and can use these to create any desired effect. I also have a limited amount of experience with scripting for websites.

Repairing computers

I assembled my own gaming computers, and fixed them when components wore out or failed. I have frequently been called upon to fix software or hardware faults in friends and co-workers PCs.

Being responsible for my own and other's time management

For a period of two months, I was duty manager at the Aussie Butcher, during which time I was responsible for assigning jobs and duties for myself and up to three other staff, and determining when staff were needed, or could be sent home. At the butchery I was often called upon to show new hires how to operate the various items of machinery, and instruct them in safety protocols for these machines.

Basic lab skills

From my university course I have experience with many laboratory techniques, both chemistry and biology ones. I am able to design experiments to test a given hypothesis. Familiar with IR and UV-Vis spectrometry, Titration, HPLC, GLC, and TLC. have worked to a slight extent with laboratory animals and with live tissue in krebs.

Retail skills

At the Aussie Butcher a large part of my job was to serve customers, and I quickly proved to be a capable and friendly salesperson, and am reportedly missed by several of the regular customers. I was usually the designated person to answer the phone in the butchery, and handled all the general customer inquiries and orders. I also provided advice to customers when asked regarding the best cooking methods for a cut of meat, or the best cut to use for a given dish. I was trusted for end of day closeup and cash handling.

Estimating costs or values.

While working at the Aussie Butcher, I was frequently asked to assist in the costing process for various cuts, especially the ready to cook meals. I also independently found a few products for which the costings were obsolete, and no longer profitable, and alerted management to these cases, with recommendations for the new price point.

Pharmacy knowledge

Including pharmacy practice, pharmaceutics (both in dosage form design and QC testing), Pharmacology and basic clinical pharmacy (pharmacotherapy). Reasonable working knowledge and understanding of Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Biochemistry and Medicinal Chemistry. Able to find and analyse pharmacological and pharmaceutical data.

Working with sick people

As part of my pharmacy degree, I was expected to regularly take part in simulated clinical situations, and also spent several weeks working in a community pharmacy as an assistant in the dispensary, where I earned the respect of the dispensary manager.

Butchery and Food Handling Experience

During my time at the Aussie butcher I participated in nearly the entire process of butchery, from breaking down whole carcasses, through cutting of steaks and chops, to the manufacture of ready to cook gourmet items such as noisettes and chicken kievs. I am able to fully process lamb, pork and chicken. Able to cut and present beef from primal cuts. Fully trained in food hygiene for a raw food environment. Able to identify all cuts of meat and provide cooking advice.

Strong language aptitude

I possess a high degree of fluency and skill with the English language, and while currently not able to speak any other languages fluently, have repeatedly exhibited a knack for acquiring the basics of a languages grammar quickly, and assimilating words into my vocabulary rapidly. Apparently I also do a good job of acquiring local accents. I currently understand a limited amount of Japanese, but due to lack of practise, cannot speak without stuttering and halting like a tourist.


I am good at mathematics, both applied and pure. I can carry out a large amount of calculation in my head, at good speeds. I am excellent at using equations, and at devising or deriving an equation to meet the problem at hand. My pharmacy degree included much use of applied statistics for assessing the relative effectiveness of various treatment options that could be applied to a given case. Some calculus was also used for calculating dosages. I also took an optional maths paper, which I scored excellent marks in, and received an invitation to switch to the maths department.


2002, 2006 - 2008

Auckland, New Zealand

University of Auckland

Incomplete Bachelor of Pharmacy

I studied a variety of Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy and Medicine subjects, and also Mathematics and Archaeology as optional papers.

2000 - 2001

North Shore City, New Zealand

Northcote College

A Bursary with Scholarship in Biology

Merit Certificates in NZEST for Physics, Economics and Biology

Sixth Form Certificate, 17 over five subjects

1997 - 1999

Tauranga, New Zealand

Otumoetai College

School Certificate in Art, Chemistry, English, Mathematics, Physics and Science

Work History

March 2008 - Dec 2011

North Shore City, New Zealand

Aussie Butcher Birkenhead (JAE Sales Ltd.)

Butchery Assistant and General Knife Hand

In this role I continued to perform duties much as those when the shop was owned by Dejats limited. I worked part time while studying for my pharmacy degree, and then full time for a while following my withdrawal from the course. Owing to the new management bringing in two of the countries top butchers, I was demoted from being a manager, and no longer needed to run the shop for an entire day. I was still entrusted to be left in sole charge for shorter periods, and to perform all previous duties, such as banking. Click here for references!

August 2006 - March 2008

North Shore City, New Zealand

Aussie Butcher Birkenhead (Dejats Ltd.)

Butchery Assistant. Acting 2.I.C. and Duty Manager for last 2 months

Worked a mixture of part-time and full-time employment, extending my butchery skills to covering most aspects of the trade. My role covered everything from ordering supplies to assisting customers carry purchases to their car, and from sweeping floors to totalling up the till at the end of the day and locking the takings in the safe. In 2008, when the business was unable to hire a fully qualified butcher, I was made Duty Manager of the shop for Sundays, with sole responsibility for the shop from opening to close, and was also often left in charge for the afternoons. During this time I was responsible for up to three other employees. When the shop was sold to new owners I was one of the few employees retained.

June 2001 - Feburary 2006

North Shore City, New Zealand

New World Birkenhead

Butchery Assistant

Initially my duties were to clean the butchery department, but expanded to include many other tasks. Primary responsibility was to tray, package and price meat, ready for display on shelves. Other tasks included serving of customers, stocking of shelves, some limited cutting and processing of meat, Stock taking and quality checking of inwards goods. During this time I was trained in workplace safety and food hygiene standards. Worked a mixture of part and full-time employment.

March 2001 - June 2001

North Shore City, New Zealand

Foodtown Birkenhead

Cleanup boy

My first part time job, after school while in seventh form. Three afternoons a week, cleaning the entire butchery department down and sterilising things. Wash dishes, disassemble and clean machinery, scrub walls, floors and benches, and so on. The supermarket was then sold to a different chain, and existing staff were hired by the new management


Jeremy Viall

Owner, Aussie Butcher Birkenhead

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Joshua Marriott

2IC, Aussie Butcher Birkenhead

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My main interests are learning and gaming. I spend a lot of my spare time studying whatever field has been the latest to catch my fancy, and playing with whatever concepts are involved in it. I play several wargames, roleplaying games and board games, and have designed many myself, which I find at least as enjoyable.

I read voraciously, typically getting through about a book a day, sometimes as many as seventy in a month. I draw, both pencil and pen sketches, pen and ink line art and block work, paint in both oils and acrylics, and create a variety of computer artworks. I also dabble in calligraphy, and creative cartography.

I enjoy fishing, am a keen and talented skier, and enjoy hiking. I also enjoy mathematics for it's own sake, which is apparently a sure sign of a disturbed mind...

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